1 Correct the sentences which have mistakes. Tick (✔) the correct sentences. 1 Do you have any informations about these people? information 2 How many people do you employ? Sorry, I don't have much time. Let's be quick. 4 A little customers have complained about the increase. 5 I'm afraid we don't have many paper in stock. 6 There isn't much demand for this line any more. Give him any more time to finish this. I've got fewer space in my new office than in my old one. 9 A lot of people said they preferred the taste of this one. 10 I'd like a little help with that, please. 7 8 2 Two people are checking the store cupboard at work. Complete their conversation with a suitable quantifier. A So, how many boxes of paper clips do we have in stock? so we should B Well, we only have a ² probably order some more. A How about ink cartridges? I don't think there are left. 3 B Well, there's an extra box of them here, but we'll more, sooner or later. need 4 A OK. What about the coffee machine? How 5 coffee is there? B There's a 6 7 of that, but there aren't packets of tea. A Right, so that's paper clips, ink cartridges and tea. Anything else? a at the moment, but people in the office have asked me if B Well, we don't have 8 9 we can have biscuits for the tea breaks.