Working with words 1 Complete the sentences with the words in bold. Change the form of the word in bold or add another word to it. supply 1 It's important to build good relationships with different suppliers. 2 Our supply chain begins with the manufacturer in India and ends in our UK shops. is much higher but it's transport 3 The cost of air faster. show 4 Customers from all over Europe visit our in Paris and Milan. invent 5 Every item in our photographic records of each of them. middle 6 The problem with using is that it adds to the final cost of products because we have to add on their fee. is unique, so we keep ship 7 We have a large. track 8 We use barcodes to stock coming in and out of the warehouse. made 9 All our pots are _, which makes them expensive, but our target customer doesn't want anything mass-produced. original 10 The arriving in three days. of the of the products is printed on the bottom of the box. 2 Underline the correct words in italics to complete the sentences. 1 The book is currently out of stock, but it is on / out of order, so we'll have it soon. 2 We need to stock up on / run out of headed paper. Could you put an order in? 3 I ran low on/out of ink, so I couldn't print out the report. 4 We can keep track of/ on track our order by satellite. 5 Let's stop at the next service station. We are running low/out on petrol. Business 1 Complete the phone call between Virginie, a customer, and Kevin, a call handler. Put the words in italics in the correct order. Kevin Good afternoon, you're speaking to Kevin. How can I help you? Virginie Hello, I am up/chasing/an/order chasing up an order I placed three weeks ago. Kevin account /take/I/your/details / Can please? 2 Virginie Yes. The account number is 572638. Kevin OK. If you bear with me a moment, I'll into / look/it 3 Let me see. Well, my /to / information / according it is still on order. 4 Virginie I really need to know happened /to/has/it/ what 5 Could check/me/you/it/for/out 6 ? Kevin Certainly. I'll back/you/to/hour / within/get/ the 7 Virginie Thank you. 2 Kevin calls Virginie back. Complete their conversation with the phrases from the list. put the order straight through asap charge it to was dispatched on check it out as quick as we can must have gone wrong Kevin Hello, this is Kevin from DYK calling. I've got some information about your order. Virginie Oh, thanks for calling back. So, what's happened to it? Kevin Well, we put the order straight through to the warehouse, and it 2_ the 25th. Virginie But I haven't received it yet. Kevin I'm sorry about that. Can you confirm the delivery address? Virginie We wanted it delivered to our Brussels office. Kevin Oh, something 3 It looks like it might have gone to your Paris office instead. I'll 4 straightaway. Virginie I've already been waiting three weeks. Could you just send it again 5 ? Kevin OK, no problem. We'll resend it Virginie Thank you. And please not the Paris one. the Brussels account,