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PP.86. できごとが 37~88 未来の時点 058 > 参照)。 p.88 059 がずっ はあ い Exercise 7 →A 1 Change the verb to the appropriate form and complete the sentences. 1) When I (arrive) at school, the class (already start). My teacher was angry. ¹0 2) I (never see ) Kabuki until I became a college student. A NO TEN 3) The actor (be) an extra for 20 years before he became famous. Helsink Doy bedefimar O 4) Miki noticed that she (lose) the key somewhere. the concede lbovoilen od tamm DOY Sevorse J'nei yu 2 Change the verb to the appropriate form and complete the sentences. leum JAKO-O 1) It (stop) raining by this time tomorrow. 2) Brazil (win) the World Cup six times if it wins it again. Menur of SVBIl (3) She (be) a math teacher for 30 years by March next year.m alterow hat bedone. 4)She will email us when she (read) the report (「読んだら」の意で lanks isla (0707 754300 penlo sitt bus no 3 Change the verb to the appropriate form and complete the sentences. →C 1) Kate (watch) TV since she came home from school. 2) yem 8 My father (work) for over 15 hours when he left the office. 3) She (travel ) abroad since last month. Sni smoo I ysM O つける 4) We (run) for 10 minutes before the teacher shouted, "Stop!" in nisqe of og ysm sW 25 VEAU CO 20 4 Choose the appropriate form of the verb and complete the sentences. → A B C 1) I (read/ have been reading / had been reading) the book for six hours until I realized it was dark outside. compl c513 VIBEE 2) I want to read your novel first after you (wrote / have written / will have written) it. VE met / will have met ) him before. 3) I suddenly remembered I (have met / had 4) He (tries / has tried / has been trying) to solve the problem since this morning. 5 Put the words in the correct order to complete the sentences. 1) [in/people/ already / long before / arrived / America / had ] Columbus came. 2) Yesterday I found the book [ had / for a long time / for / been / looking /I]. 3) [long/you/ French literature / studying / have / how / been ]?ow an ingin W 4) The news says that they [ for / stayed / space / have / in / a month / will ] tomorrow. Put it into English - Context writing - 1) 父が帰宅したとき 私はテレビを2時間見ていた。 llow idgim \ yam I 078 11m B II WOTTOmol nis: lliw (O naquad Hiw etnobis.A 2) 彼は雨の中を歩いて帰宅したと私に言った。 3) 彼がバス停に着いたときには,最終バスはすでに出発していた。 nato biwow beh yM 4) その夜以前に父が歩いて帰宅したことは一度もなかった。 basd 6 yoy ovig ILO MA 312) Imid ymise I X40).sgo f'ow toob aidT ABC 25