Yumi: This is a very beautiful doll. I like it a lot. Can I touch it? Marie: Yes, of course. Ah, watch it! This doll is about 100 years old, so it is delicate. very Yumi: Wow, 100 years old! It is very old. Where did you get it? Marie: I found it at a flea market in Paris five years ago. Yumi: And... how much was it? Marie: It was about 20 euros at that time. Yumi: 4 were really lucky. (注)watch it 気をつけて (itの代わりに out や yourself を使うこともある) delicate 壊れやすい a flea market 蚤の市 euro ユーロ (EUの公式貨幣単位) 1 下線部 ①,③, ④の文章を How もしくは What で始まる感嘆文に書き直しなさい。 ℗ How very beautiful this doll is! 3 What an old it is! 4 2 下線部②の命令文 「気をつけて!」と同じ意味になるよう,( 入れなさい。 Watch it = You (be an ) be careful. my 3 英文を読んで,次の問いに英語で答えなさい。 1) How old is Marie's doll? 2) When did Marie get the doll? 3) Where did Marie get the doll? 4) How much was the doll at that time? 内に適語を C O
1 次の日本文に合うように,( 1) 彼女は立ち上がり,そして走り始めた。 She stood up (or, but, and) began to run. 2) 彼は金持ちではありませんでしたが、幸せでした。 He was not rich, (or, but, and) he was happy. 3) 猫と犬のどちらが好きですか。 Which do you like better, cats (or, but, and) dogs? の中から適当な接続詞を選びなさい。 4) 一生懸命勉強しなさい,そうすれば試験に合格するでしょう。 Study hard, (or, but, and) you will pass the exam. 5) 急ぎなさい, そうしないと電車に乗り遅れるよ。 Hurry up, (or, but, and) you will miss the train. 2 次の各文の( 1) ( )内に入る最も適当な語を下から選びなさい。 ) he is fifty years old, he looks very young. 5) it gets dark. ) it is fine tomorrow, I will go fishing. ) she is sick. ) I lived in Tokyo, I often visited Tokyo Tower. 2) Come home ( 3) ( 4) She is absent today ( 5) ( 〔when, if, because, though, before] 次の1)~5)の文に続く最も適当な文を下から選び、その記号を きなさい。 ry () (²) 1) I was watching TV 2) I brush my teeth 3) I can't get into my room ( ) 4) I want to be a doctor poloza (ils no 3) 5) Hurry up, ( ) a) or you will be late for school. c) when Mother called me. e) before I go to bed. b) because I lost the key. d) when I grow up. 内に書