Join the pronouns with the correct possessive adjectives. WE MY I ITS HER HIS OUR YOUR THEIR Complete the sentences with HIS, HER, ITS, or THEIR. hair is brown. sweater is green. skirts are yellow. hair is blond. bow tie is red. Jears are big. HE YOU THEY IT SHE Choose the correct words 1. It is she/her house. 2. / my have a dog 3. This is our / we farm. 4. They love they / their school. 5. We our live in Spain. 6. Has she/her got a ruler? 7. Those are his / he glasses. 8. He is my grandfather. your sandwich. 9. That is you 10. It's Its legs are short. 11. He has a car. Her / his car is red. 12. I have a dog. Its his tail is long. Complete with the right possessive adjective 1. You have a nice watch. I like watch. 2. Bob has a cat. cat is very cute. 3. I have a new backpack. backpack is big. 4. Clara has a new bag. new bag is brown. 5. Sara and Ann have two cousins. cousins live in Seville. 6. Dave has a brother. brother is short. 7. Tommy has a dog. color is yellow. 8. We live in London. city is the capital of England. bikes are in the garage. 9. They have bikes. 10. She has a tablet. 11. My dress is pink but 12. I have two rabbits. tablet is pink. buttons are white. ears are very long. house. 13. My brother and I love Correct the underlined words 1. I have a sister. His name is Mandy. 2. We are classmates. Ours teacher is Mr. Jackson. 3. It is a squirrel. It tail is long. 4. Jason has a brother. Her brother is older. 5. You have a turtle. Its turtle is green. 6. They live in a flat. His flat is on the second floor. 7. She has a cat. Its cat is white. 8. It's Lucy and Ann's birthday. Her birthday is in June. 9. It's Ben's party today. It's its birthday. 10. My dogs are happy. It's its birthday today. HOPPY Birthday! Choose the correct words 1. They have two daughters. 2. 3. 4. We have a puppy. We love 5. Sally has a wallet. 6. Look at the parrot. 7. Mrs. Ward has a baby. 8. Look at the giraffe. 9. I know James. 10. Lisa and Paul have a truck. 11. My sister and I have a piano. We like [ 12. You look tired. eyes are red. daughters are pretty. new shoes. are comic books. puppy. wallet is expensive. feathers are beautiful. baby is very cute. neck is long. brother is my classmate. truck is great. piano. He has new shoes. These are I have some comic books. These 88 w‒‒‒‒‒‒‒ 88 Complete with the right possessive Jenny and Nick are from Bath. surname is Bell. friends, Tom and Amanda, are [ from Bath too. Jenny's eleven and brother Nick is tail is twelve. Chip is dog. short. school is in Park Street. name [ is Park Street School. Jenny likes Maths. Paul. teacher's name is teacher's name is Nick likes Science. Amanda. parents are teachers too. SCHOOL 111 11