Exercise 2.3 For or Since? Complete the sentences about successful people. Circle for or since. 1. Blake Mycoskie has started five businesses(since/ for he graduated from college. 2. Bill Gates has worked part-time for Microsoft and part-time for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation since / for the past several years. 3. Bill Gates has given over $28 billion to charity since/ for 2007.. 4. Oprah Winfrey has helped poor people since / for many years. 5. Since / For the last several years, the actor George Clooney has spent a great deal of time trying to help end the conflict in Darfur, Sudan.
Grammar Application Exercise 3.1 Present Perfect or Simple Past? A Complete the online interview about the actress Marlee Matlin. Circle the correct form of the verbs. Marlee Matlin is a successful actress, writer, and producer. She is also hearing impaired. She cannot hear, but she is able to communicate in spoken English. She won an Oscar for Best Actress and has received other acting awards as well. Kate I really admire Marlee Matlin. She didn't let her disability stop her from achieving her dreams. Alex Idon't know that much about her. Kate Well, she began acting ata very young age. She played/'s played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz when she was seven years old. Alex Wow. Did she use/Has she used sign language in that role? Kate Yes, she did/has. That play was produced by a hearing-impaired children's organization. In 1986, she played/'s played a hearing-impaired woman in Children of a Lesser God, and she won an Oscar. Alex Has she ever played a hearing person? Kate So far, she performed/'s performed mostly hearing-impaired roles, but in 1994, she played/'ve played a hearing woman in the television movie Against Her Will. Alex What else did she do/has she done besides acting? Kate In 1999, she produced/'s produced a television movie. In addition, she was/'s been very busy raising four children! Her oldest child was/has been born in 1996. She had/has had her last child in 2003. (10) Success
Grammar Application Exercise 4.1 Completed or Ongoing Actions? Read the sentences. Check (V) whether the action is completed or ongoing. Completed Ongoing 1. Lara has learned Spanish very well. 2. Michelle has also been studying French and Japanese this semester. 3. Enrico has been learning a lot of languages. 4. Tony has been working as a chef for the past 8 years. 5. Alex has been running his own business since he was 19. 6. Joe has lived in Madrid. 7. Ron has been living in California since 2010. 8. Weve already eaten dinner. 9. Sasha and Janet have been working there since 2008. 10. Raymond has won three prizes for his poetry. 11. I've been traveling for four weeks. 12. Bryn has been dancing since she was a child. 33. My mother has been cooking since she was 12. 14. Luisa has written fourletters to her senator. ロロ ロロ