COMPARATIVES AND SUPERLATIVES Complete the sentences with the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in brackets. 1.- My sister is nove intelli9en my brother. (intelligent) 2.- The blue whale is fh? 6 (e105t 3.- Iceland is ColAeY <hดn Spain (cold) 4. - This is Cgld eY +hon book I've ever read. (good) 5.- My neighbour is {he be9} 6.- Friday is the 1he bMsles_day of the week. (busy) 7.- These trainers are much cheajpe9 +hen those. (cheap) 8. - Frank works hoydey thom most people. (hard) animal. (big) เละ person I know (lucky) 9.- I'm at English than you. (good) 10.- Today has been +he hoใtes day of the year. (hot) 11.- This is ยม CD I've ever listened. (bad) Japanese. (easy) 12.- English is (่งให้ 13.- Which mountain is 14.- John is 15.- English is 16. - What is 17.- The Nile is 18.- This is my in the world. (high) his brother. (clever) Latin. (useful) word in English? (common) river in the world. (long) brother. Mary is their ราย daughter (old, old) 19.- That skyscraper is one of City. (tall) 20.- The first exercise was easy but this one is (difficult) 21.- Our journey took 22.- Charles is buildings in the 23.- Madrid's population is 24.- Nothing makes me 25.- Five years ago I was hair. (fat, log) 26.- This car uses we expected. (long) student in the school. (noisy) Santander's (large) waiting on the phone. (angry) I am now, and I had petrol. It's economical. (much, little) 27.- Spanish is 28.- It's difficult to learn than Chinese. (little) hotel in Santander (expensive) are we going? (far) 29.- How much I have. (many) 30.- I haven"t got many CDs. You've got 31.- Everyone has heard of Real Madrid. They are probably team in the world. (famous) 32.- The cheetah is animal in the world. (fast) 33.- Barcelona's stadium is new. It's stadium in Europe. (modern)