LES7S oN * Where Is A Drugstore? ※ 次の会話はアメリカを訪れている知子が, ★の地点で警察官に薬局 (drugstore) へ行く道を尋 ねているところです。 地図を参考にして下の問いに答えなさい。 次 ラ nibees sull ot POST OFFICE ansgeb s orde al £ High Street 100b lart deego f'ood 3de PARK PARK A mol! She humed pale so tcar the ny Green Street BOOK GAS BANK STORE STATION dw| 8 sd 1aurm o' DRUGSTORE 6 1gusb rd sbam er2 Tomoko :Excuse me, can you tell me the way to ① 19Valo drugstore? and you'll see a post office. Turn left there and Walk two blocks along the Park Stree. Then you'll see a bank. Police officer: Sure. ② 3 Tomoko : And then? Police officer: Walk ④ front of the bank, turn right, and go along the Green Street. You'1l find a gas station anda bookstore on the ⑤ side of the Street. There is a small road ⑥ the two buildings. The Wis drugstore is at the end of the road. wpund hogme Tomoko :Thank you very much. A 会話の②~6にあてはまる語句をア~カから選びなさい。 (ただし文頭にくる語も小文字で示し てあります) ウ、go along the High Street カ、you'll see an elementary school ア. across the Green Street イ. left エ, between オ、among ( レみ 2) B Oに入る「最も近い」の意味の英語を書きなさい。 Primer |ELEMENTARY 100H2S Park Street