Terms of use

In order to use this site, you must agree to the terms of use (terms of use are subject to change without prior notification. If the terms of use change in the near future, the user will be assumed to have agreed to the changed terms in the case of continued use.)
About the Terms of Use
  • CLEARNOTE Inc., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as clear), managers of the online study service "Clearnote" (hereafter referred to as "this service"), requires that all people who utilize this service (hereafter referred to as "users") to agree to the terms of use. Upon receipt of usage registration from applicable users, clear will give the required credentials (hereafter referred to as "user credentials") needed to access this service.
  • Users must also abide by any special terms (hereafter referred to as "separate regulations") clear decides to implement. Furthermore, if the terms of use and the separate regulations come into conflict, the separate regulations will take precedence.
  • The terms of use and special regulations (hereafter together referred to as "terms of use, etc.") are liable to be changed by clear without prior notice. In the case the terms of use, etc. are changed, continued usage after any changes will be considered as consent to said changes to this service.
  • Besides this service's terms of use, etc., following any links from this service to another site will be taken as implied consent to that site's terms of use.
2. Mail
clear reserves the right to send notices related to the management of this service, advertisements, or featured messages to users' registered email addresses.
3. Usage Warning
  • User information that was given during registration (hereafter referred to as "registration information", which includes e-mail addresses, passwords, etc.) is the user's responsibility to include optional information and manage.
  • Users should read the following items to avoid their passwords being used by third parties.
    • How to easily avoid having your password guessed by third parties
    • Not displaying your password to third parties
    • Making sure to always log out and close the browser when using this service on public computers and on mobile
    • Making sure to turn off the login backup function (which allows you to login without inputting your email and password) after using this service on a phone used by multiple people
  • clear assumes any access of this service using the user's registered password is the user themselves, and responsibility for anything that happens while logged in is solely the user's.
  • If someone is to illegally log into the user's account and cause damages to clear or a third party, compensation for said damage may be sought from clear or a third party.
  • The user is responsible for the management of their registration information; clear will not be held responsible for any problems and damages caused by giving false information.
  • clear reserves the right, depending on need, to inspect all user content (includes all submissions/edits/transmissions to Clearnote, as well as user-submitted questions, answer entry, submitted answers, answer ratings, online lessons, chat, etc.), and if user content is found to violate the terms of use, etc. clear reserves the right to make content private or delete it without prior notice. In addition, clear reserves the right to present any user content in a court of law, to the police, etc. if clear deems it necessary due to threats to clear' rights, property, service, etc., threats to a third party's life or health, or other property protections.
  • Users can use this service depending on if they are within the age and usage scope allowed by clear.
  • The user is responsible for any charges caused by using this service.
4. About Paid Services
  • A usage fee is required to access Clearnote’s paid services. Users must follow these terms of service when using paid services.
  • Usage fees and payment methods will be determined by clear.
  • Starting and terminating use of paid services shall be done by users themselves in accordance with the instructions on the service screen.
  • In case of network connection trouble, server problems, natural disasters, and other unavoidable situations that cause temporary lose of paid services, usage fees will not be refunded.
  • Users can browse premium notebooks by purchasing points used as the purchase unit in advance.
  • CLEARNOTE will award points to premium notebook authors (hereafter referred to as “Certified Author”). Calculation of the amount of points to be awarded shall be determined by the Certified Author Terms.
  • Acquisition of points through methods other than those prescribed by clear, transfer of points for profit, or use of points by a third part are not allowed. Points acquired by methods outside those permitted by clear will be invalidated. In addition, when fraudulent activity is found in acquiring and using points, the user who performed the activity may be prevented from using services or be restricted from purchasing and using points. Users agree not to raise any objections to any of these terms.
  • Regardless of whether or not you have user credentials, usage fees already received will not be refunded. In addition, usage fees already received from a user will not be refunded upon cancellation. Also, except for cases required by laws and regulations, points cannot be cancelled or reissued after use for any reason whether or not you have user credentials. The same shall apply even if a third party illegally uses the points. If you use the service without user credentials, your points may be lost.
  • Use of paid services and purchase of points(hereafter referred to as “paid service usage”) by underage users is not allowed without the consent of a legal guardian who has agreed to the terms of service. In addition, if a user is underage when agreeing to the terms of service and engages in paid service usage after reaching adult age, it will be considered that the user confirmed paid service usage as a minor.
  • CLEARNOTE may, after providing advance notice, revise the content of paid services, usage fees, payment methods, point usage rules, etc. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, these may be revised with no prior notice.
  • For business or other reasons, clear may discontinue paid services. In the case that a paid service is terminated, clear will give an advance notice period in consideration of the impact on users and the service will be terminated at the end of that period.
5. Personal Information
  • Personal information under clear is handled under a separate. privacy policy
  • User information is only released to specific cooperative enterprises that have sworn to keep said information private. However, user information may be released under the following circumstances:
    • When clear is legally required to release information
    • When there is a chance of harm towards a person or towards property, and getting consent from the person themselves would be difficult
    • When there is a perceived threat to public health or the health of a child, and getting consent from the person themselves would be difficult
    • When a federal agency or local public body requests said information for a legal judgment, and it is determined that obtaining permission from the person involved would hinder a potential judgment
    • If a merger with another company were to happen, and it is determined that, in order to maintain service, it is necessary to transfer personal information
6. Copyright
  • Users of this service are only allowed to upload and edit text, pictures, videos, etc. that they have the intellectual property rights to, or that they have received permission from the copyright owner.
  • Any copyrighted texts, pictures, or videos users upload to/edit on this service are liable to being withheld by the copyright owners. However, clear reserves the right to remove any copyrighted texts, pictures, or videos uploaded to/edited on this service if deemed necessary. CLEARNOTE will not use its moral rights against any user using clear-copyrighted material.
  • Excluding the items mentioned in the previous paragraph, clear does not allow users to duplicate, transfer, loan, translate, change, reproduce, post on websites (including the right to make transmittable), transmit, distribute, publish, or make money from this service, any material intellectually licensed by clear.
7. User Registration Refusal
clear may refuse to allow a user registration for the following reasons:
  • A registration request from someone who has been judged to have violated the terms of use, etc.
  • Aregistration request from someone who has been judged to have violated the terms of use, etc. and was invited
  • When the registration information is for impersonating clear or a third party
  • When registration information features hate speech or inflammatory rhetoric
  • Besides for the previous reasons, if clear judges the registration information to be inappropriate
8. Prohibited Acts
Clearnote prohibits the following acts when using this service, regardless of user intention/error (all of the following includes when using Clearnote to submit a question, response entry, response submission, response rating, online lessons, chat, etc.) If a user commits a prohibited act, the user is liable to have the offending passage removed, be suspended from using this service, or having access to this service revoked. In which case, questions or complaints about removal or suspension will not be answered. However, please note that clear will respond to questions about user status, even if clear has not confirmed the user's email address.
  • Antisocial Behavior
    • Behavior that violates laws or moral behavior
    • Behavior that is criminal, or announcing, participating in , or promoting such behavior
    • Publishing articles that are false or encourage misunderstanding, or registering false information
    • Actions that exceed normal use and cause a burden to the servers, actions that promote such behavior, actions that cause problems for the management/sponsors and other users of this service, or actions that make it difficult for said users to use this service
    • Actions that violate a third party's industry property rights (patent rights, trademarks, etc.), copyrights, industry trade secrets, or intellectual property rights, etc.
    • Actions that violate a third party's trust, honor, right to privacy, and right to likeness. On such occasion, questions confirming whether a user is a third party from their user ID, nickname, real name, or links to the user will not be asked, regardless if the third party is a private individual, a corporation, or a public figure.
    • Speech that is liable to glorify, induce, or promote suicide, self-harm, or drugs, as well as reprinting material with such material
    • Stalking or other behavior that a third party is bothered by, whether said behavior is legal or not
    • Discrimination or expressions of ethnic discrimination, racism, sexism, ageism, etc.
  • Behavior that is obscene, violent, or with the intention of meeting another user
    • Reprinting material that features nudity (including underwear), regardless of whether it has a mosaic, gradient, or is artistic; uploading pictures of chests, buttocks, or genitals, or other pictures, videos, illustrations, paintings, that have been deemed obscene; posts that talk about sex, genitalia, etc.
    • Pictures, words, that are violent, grotesque, or otherwise put other users at unease
    • Talking about sex, or anything with that intention
    • Posting links or inviting others to adult sites
    • Posting links to download child prostitution/pornography, or uncensored adult videos
    • Introducing adult goods on this service through question submissions, answer submissions, etc.
    • Any behavior clear determines is for the purpose of meeting with the opposite sex, or any inducement of such
    • Anything that is considered a bad influence on youth (tattoos, underage drinking, smoking, etc.)
  • Business Activity
    • Except for anything specifically approved by clear, selling/trading (or advertising, publicizing, inviting, etc.) things, services etc. is not allowed, whether the intention is to make money or not *Even free seminars are not allowed if, during the seminar, items are to be sold or contracts are to be signed.
    • Using this service or any service sponsored by clear for the purpose of commerce (regardless if it is for use, playback, reprinting, copying, selling, reselling etc.) (excluding things specifically approved by clear)
    • Using information obtained through this service for non-private purposes, including information obtained from reprinting, selling, publication, or any other public, alternative method; this includes having another user or a third party use this information
    • Posting questions/answers, chatting, etc. with the goal of advertising, announcing, or inviting others through multiple submissions or reprints (including multiposting, spam, chain mail)
    • Reprinting or sending already-posted information
    • Information that misleads third parties including pyramid schemes, chain mail, multilevel marketing, leading emails, etc.
    • Posting links to affiliate or invitation sites to earn points (however, sites specifically approved by clear are exempt)
    • Selling Information
    • Selling anything related to medicine (including using medicine, spiritual, power stones, counseling, and fortune telling), whether for profit or not (however, this excludes anything clear specifically approves.)
    • Collecting or storing information on other users, or trying to do so
  • Reprinting Personal Information
    • Posting personal email addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers, bank account numbers, addresses, or any other information that makes it possible to identify a user, regardless of whether it is the user's own information or a third party's *Please help to prevent impersonation submissions and dating site usage.
    • Impersonating a third party using false information (including name, birthday, email address, residential address, etc.), even if said third party has given their permission
  • Other
    • Indiscriminately posting questions and asking for online lessons
    • Political and religious activities (except for those approved by clear)
    • Re-registering after having been banned for illegal activity
    • Inviting a user previously banned for illegal activity (whether on purpose or by accident)
    • Sending an invitation to someone you do not know, especially receiving an invite from someone from a blog or bulletin board
    • Giving your invites to a third party, as well as making a third party use their invites
    • Multiple people using the same account
    • One person accessing multiple accounts
    • Transferring in ways not approved by clear
    • Trading money or property through this service, as well as advertising, promoting, or inviting others to do so
    • Inducing others to visit a site by indiscriminately leaving access histories
    • Anything else clear deems inappropriate
9. Disclaimers and Responsibility
Users can access this service after agreeing to the following statement on clear' disclaimers and responsibility.
  • clear may change, stop, or close this service at any time without informing users. clear takes no responsibility for any problems caused to users by changing, stopping, or closing this service, whether said actions were required or not. The same goes for any limited time service that clear has released that has since expired.
  • Users may only ask for restitution if (1) you used the service, or were unable to use the service (2) your account was illegally accessed or changed (3) you were subject to another user's speech or transmission (4) a third party impersonated you (5) you received damage through this service by some other cause. In addition, except when there is willful or gross negligence by clear, damages are subject to (i) damages taken in real life due to clear, in which case the payment will be within the normal range (ii) the cumulative amount of damages clear is to compensate to the user, and amount of money that clear has received from the user in the context of the present service is to be the upper limit.
  • Anything on this service that says "Get", "Buy", or "Purchase" is in reference to usage on this service only; property and intellectual property rights are not for sale.
  • If a dispute arises between users, the responsibility to solve the dispute lies with the users; if any harm is caused to clear, a user or a third party, restitution will come from the user.
  • If a dispute arises between a user and a third party, the responsibility to solve the dispute lies with the user and the third party; if any harm is caused to clear, a user or a third party, restitution will come from the user.
  • In addition to the situations mentioned in the previous two paragraphs, if a user who posts or edits images, videos, etc., connected to another user of this service, or damaged a third party with their copyright infringement, the infringing user will pay restitution.
  • If clear is subject to a claim or demand by a third party copyright owner due a user's infringement, the user must repay any fees (including clear' legal fees.)
10. Dispute Resolutions
  • If a dispute arises between clear and a user, the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
  • If a dispute arises between clear and a user, Japanese law will take precedence.