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Personal Information Protection Policy
CLEARNOTE Inc., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “CLEARNOTE”) regards personal information protection as our duty and defines the company’s privacy policy through this Privacy Policy document. We are committed to collect and handle the information provided by the users (hereafter referred to as “Users”) of Clearnote learning service and other services related that are operated by CLEARNOTE (hereafter referred to as “CLEARNOTE Services”) with utmost care and accordingly to the policies described in this document. We keep every member of the company and everyone related up to date to continuously improve on the company’s privacy policy and ensure that the policies are followed thoroughly.
Collecting Personal Information
CLEARNOTE collects personal information through lawful and fair means.
Purposes for Collecting Personal Information
CLEARNOTE uses personal information provided by users for the purposes described below. Uses with purposes not mentioned in the following will not be done without the user's consent. (with the exception of uses that are permitted by the law).
  1. Creating User Profile Page
    User inputs submitted to CLEARNOTE Services through the means of input forms - including name, gender, prefecture/area, school information, first choice schools, other texts and images - are used for the purpose of setting up the user’s profile page. By using CLEARNOTE Services, users agree that such information can be made viewable to other users, with the exception of the account’s private information and which information access can be optionally restricted.
  2. Facilitate Communication between CLEARNOTE and User
    Email addresses, unique identifiers registered on CLEARNOTE Services may be used to communicate with users when making contact with a user is required, delivering services information that may benefit users, or relaying other notifications.
  3. User Surveys and Marketing Campaigns
    CLEARNOTE may need to collect personal information as part of a user survey or a marketing campaign. Personal information collected in these occasions are, in general, voluntary and optional. Collected information will be used for the purpose of providing services in relation to the applicable survey or marketing campaign; and/or used to the extent allowed, other purposes prescribed during collection of personal information as appropriate.
  4. Advertisements
    CLEARNOTE may collect access information to CLEARNOTE Services. This information may include location data, which will only be collected from the user's device after user consent. Access information may be used for ads delivery, displaying ads and ads analytics.
Cookies and External Links
Browser cookies allow CLEARNOTE Services to provide useful features and services. Cookies are information, such as user information and access history, that is used for communication between an internet browser and the web server. CLEARNOTE may use cookies on CLEARNOTE websites that will not be used for collecting personal information and infringe user privacy. CLEARNOTE Services may also include links to external websites through the use of ads. However, CLEARNOTE is not responsible for the handling of personal information on external websites. Please consult the applicable site’s privacy policy.
Third-party Services on CLEARNOTE Websites
CLEARNOTE websites use the following third-party services:
Google Analytics
CLEARNOTE websites use Google Analytics, which is part of Google LLC (“Google”) products. Please see the following for Google Analytics Terms of Service and Google’s Privacy Policy.
Disclosure to Third-Parties
CLEARNOTE will not disclose users’ personal information collected, lawfully and fairly, to a third party without clear consent from user with the exception of the following:
  1. In cases that are recognized under Personal Information Protection Act or other related legislation, and deemed necessary by CLEARNOTE, with valid reasons, for information to be disclosed.
  2. In cases involving preservation of life, safety or assets - and obtaining corresponding user consent is infeasible.
  3. In special cases where information is needed to improve public health and/or promote sound education for children - and obtaining corresponding user consent is infeasible.
  4. In cases where CLEARNOTE is required to cooperate with public institutions, the local authorities or an individual entrusted to fulfill matters regulated by the law - and obtaining corresponding user consent is infeasible.
CLEARNOTE will not be held responsible for the following collection of personal information by third parties:
  1. Personal information disclosed by the users themselves voluntarily using features on CLEARNOTE services or other means.
  2. Personal information entered by another individual that causes an identity leak.
Personal Information Disclosure and Amendments
  1. CLEARNOTE is committed to preserve the accuracy of personal information stored.
  2. CLEARNOTE stores, in general, only the information entered by users into user profiles. User profile information can be accessed by users on their own profiles to review and change as necessary.
  3. Upon request from a user, CLEARNOTE will, after promptly examining rationales, disclose, make amendments, suspend, remove and/or suspend data provisions to third parties of personal information stored to the extent allowed.
    1. Requests for information disclosure, etc. can be made by submitting required information prescribed in the below along with the request form for applicable matter to the following email address:
    clear @

    <For Users>
    Request for Personal Information Disclosure (User) -> [ WORD ] | [ PDF ]
    Request for Personal Information Amendments (User) -> [ WORD ] | [ PDF ]

    <For Non-Users>
    Request for Personal Information Disclosure (Non-User) -> [ WORD ] | [ PDF ]
    Request for Personal Information Amendments (Non-User) -> [ WORD ] | [ PDF ]

    <Identity Verification Process>
    • For Users
      Use the email address registered to the user account to submit a request form to the enquiry address above. Please include account IDs registered to CLEARNOTE Services in the email body.
    • For Non-Users
      Please attach one (1 copy) of the following documents that can be used to verify the identity of the applicant: driver’s license, passport or other government-issued document.
      *Please check the request form for further details
      *Disclosures will be charged 1,000 yen per request. Upon receiving requests on the CLEARNOTE side, payment is required to be made using bank transfer to the account specified in email replies. All fees that may occur during bank transfers shall be paid by the applicant. In case that the amount is insufficient or has not been transferred, the applicant will be notified by CLEARNOTE. However, if payment is not received by the date specified, the request will be considered void. Please check the request form for further details.
Personal Information Management
CLEARNOTE appoints a Personal Information Management Representative to manage personal information in a lawful and fair manner. Members of the executive board and other members of the company are provided with the required training to be responsible and all-time vigilant to handle personal information appropriately in daily tasks. Please send any enquiries regarding safety management measures to the following address:

<Enquiry Address>
3F South Building, KOKUYO Tokyo-Shinagawa Office
Konan 1-8-35, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to 108-8710
Other Points of Concern
Please be informed of the following when using CLEARNOTE Services:
  • Communication between users
    Posting comments/questions, submitting responses and other features are provided on CLEARNOTE Services to promote active communication between users. These features are for the purpose of communicating different kinds of information to other users. The information outside the user profile - which content is entered by the user voluntarily, may be made viewable to other users, with the exception of which information access can be optionally restricted. Posting names, contacts and other personal information using these features are prohibited, except when the situation demands, as they may cause unwanted incidents. CLEARNOTE is not responsible for any trouble that may arise from making personal information public and users may use these features at their own risk.
  • On user-permitted use of third-party services within CLEARNOTE services, in case of user request for information disclosure, CLEARNOTE will gather user ids and/or other information pertinent to privacy settings and demanded to said third parties.
  • Please be aware that anonymous data (such as access information to CLEARNOTE Services and usage information) may be collected and shared - for the purpose of improving services, understanding user preferences, optimizing presentation of elements, advertisements and analytics - by CLEARNOTE and third parties with non-disclosure agreements with CLEARNOTE.
Updates and Amendments
CLEARNOTE may revise and update this Privacy Policy as required without advance notice. In case of changes to the policies, users will be notified on CLEARNOTE Services and/or other methods appropriate.

Personal Information Management Representative,
Yoshikazu Yamada, CEO

3F South Building, KOKUYO Tokyo-Shinagawa Office
Konan 1-8-35, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to 108-8710
Yoshikazu Yamada, CEO