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Hai, haii... bantu lagi dong 😬. Tolong buatin family tree-nya yaa!! Makasi πŸ˜ƒ

Mr. Gerry lives in Surabaya. He's an officer and he's 45 years old. His wife's Agnes. She's a housewife and she's 40 years old. They have three children. Their names are Ryan, Mario and Julia. Ryan's 7, Mario's 12, and Julia's 9. They are all students. They live in a big house with their grandpa, Mr. Lorenzo since their grandma, Mrs. Marry has passed away. Mr. Gerry has a sister, Mrs. Kimmy. She's 35 years old. She's a reporter. Her husband's Mr. Ronald. He's 35 years old, too. He's a teacher. They have two children. They're Valencia and Andreas. Both of them are also students.

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bantuin ka

Activity 5 Arrange these jumbled words into good sentences. 1. touch - is - don't-because - wet - the paint – the bence - still 2. usually – lettuce - our - to – use – garnish – we – food 3. make – sugar - add- more- to - delicious - it-some 4. or - bake – long - it- be – don't – over cooked - will- too 5. used - lemon - get rid of - water - fishy smell – usually – to – is 6. soft – all - grind – set aside – until – and - spices

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bantu jawab dan jelaskan kak^^

1. I have read .amazing life story. a. A b. An c. The 2. .weather today is quiet unpredictable. a. A b. An c. The 3. Is she .American? a. A 4. I need .piece of paper. b. An c. The a. A b. An c. The 5. Who is .owner of this coffee shop? a. A 6. I know .problem between you and him. a. A 7. Mikasa has .new motorcycle. b. An c. The b. An c. The a. A b. An c. The 8. A little knowledge is .dangerous thing. a. A b. An c. The 9. What is .capital of your country? a. A b. An c. The 10. . .bird lives in a cage. .cage is new. a. A b. An c. The

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please bantu dong jawab!!

13.38 S + Analytical Exposi. / Please summarize the text about the thesis, argument 1, 2, 3, and the re-iteration paragraph. Use the following question to help you in making the summary. Your summary. 1. Based on the text, what happened to our body when smoke cigarettes? 2. Why smoking affects your lung? 3. How many times the risk for man and women? 2. How many people death because of the lung cancer by CDC? 3. Why smoker can get a heart disease? 4. What are the other cancers effected by smoking cigarettes? 5. How many percentages that smoking cause pancreatic cancers? 6. What is the conclusion from the text ? II

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