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Pertanyaan menjawab soal dari cerita. Aku takut untuk menjawab soal soal ini, karena takut salah dalam penulisan dan pendapat ku. Mohon b... Baca Lebih Lanjut

19.42 ← 232233 332 A N N Siswa 9 CreativClass Spenda alvin, bilal, bu, bu, bu, isabel, pitri, +62 819-3095-5936... Taula iya buu 06.00 bu epong Read the text and answer the questions. The Lazybones Once upon a time, lived a very lazy boy, his name was Tom. He was very lazy, so that people called him, "the lazybones". All the things he did were only laze around. He never helped his parents who had a bakery, whereas, his parents worked very hard in the bakery. They were helped by Bob, an employee. One day, Mr. Jones, Tom's father was sick. His illness made him had to stay on the bed all day. He was very worried about his bakery. He was also worried that all the customers would be disappointed because they couldn't enjoy the bread as usual. But his wife, Mrs. Jones, Tom's mother, calmed him, and said that his son would help her and Bob in the bakery. Mr. Jones didn't believe that, neither did Tom. Tom was assigned to deliver the breads to the customers in the town. Since then, Tom had to wake up very early in the morning and delivered the breads. In the beginning, it was very hard work to do for Tom. The customers were also surprised because their breads were delivered by Tom, but then they understood after Tom explained to them. Tom got compliments from the customers for the first time. As day passed, more customers praised him. Tom then became proud of himself too. Since then, he thought that working wasn't bad after all. In fact he was quite happy could help his parents and got compliments from the customers. From that day on, Tom no longer became a lazybones. Questions: 4.54% O 1. What was Tom's parents job? 2. What was Tom's father very worried about? 3. What was Tom's assignment? 4. How was Tom's feeling after the customers praised him? 5. What is the resolution of the story? nadia Ketik pesan ||| 08.42

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