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4 FOFCe ad Motion 蛻. 生 ym, Ff 1t5 spTIn喲 ing 48 retch a sprIn What foree is neceSsary to Stretch a 8PT 4 constantis 270 N/m7 38. A 35-N force is applied toa 三 260 N/m. How much does the 和 生 39. Aspring with spring constant 大 守 只的 6.7-kg fish. How fr does the sprInE Stretch: ~ ant ith spfing cos h7 used to weigh a Problems 9 ie 40. A 1.25-kg object is moving 呈 the direetion at 1 3.31 slater is moving at27.8 m/s at 32.07 to the共說一 pthis time- magnitude and direction ofthe force applied durlng 由 41. An airplane encounters sudden turbulence 1 70% of farily Jighter. IF your apparent weight seems to 說 全 your normal weight, what are the magnitude and direction o Plane's acceleration? 呈 42. A 70-kg tree surgeonridesa “cherry picker” 1ift to reach the up per branches ofa tree. What force does the lift exert On the sur- geon when its (a) atrest; (b) moving upward at a steady 2.3 m/S; (e) moving downward at a steady 2.3 m/S; (d) accelerating up- ward at 1.3 m/s-; (e) accelerating downward at 1.3 m/s2? 43. A daneer executes a vertical jump during which the floor pushes up on his feet with a foree 44% greater than his weight. What s his upward accejeration? 44. Fnd expressions for the force needed to bring an object of mass 中 Test to speedp(a) in time Aand (b) over distance A志 9 、 elevator mmoves upward at 5.9 m/s. Whats its minimum stop- 誠 Ping time 導向e passengers are to remain on the floor? AA 2.50-kg object IS moving 引ong the x-axis at 1.60 m/Ss. As passes 負e origin, two forces 吳: 台 人章 說間 1and /2 are applied, both 號負e y-direction (plus i 答@ P us Or minus). The forces are applied ff 3.00 5s, after which the object is atx 三 4.80 pplied for 五二15.07 N, whats 及? 還IT 12N FURE4.22 problem 47 Ch 0 Cu any frict zontal 4 first roP force Or 人 er FIGURE。 Abio To det spPTIng cage a An el betwe rope thec: fricti 人六 less 灶卅 Show edui