4 POINTS TOPIC Agree or disagree: Japanese companies should require employees to use English in their workplace al ●Write an essay on the given TOPIC. Use TWO of the POINTS below to support your answer. Structure: introduction, main body, and conclusion Suggested length: 120-150 words 18 ●Write your essay in the space provided on Side B of your answer sheet. Any writing outside the space will not be graded. ■Communication barriers 言語の壁 LExpansion of market 市場の拡大 ●Labor shortage 人員不足 Stress b ストレス 日本語は難しい と言われている。 total:128 words 英語を使えば、日本語を話せないが、 日本で働きたい外国人の雇用につながる ―海外進出商品のに人知度叩かも、 ・海外のニーズに応じた 商品づくりもできる Galaxy A54.5Gの解しょう もし社員が英語を話せたら。 外国人の雇用につながる ・経済が
大問4 ライティング解答欄 I agree should that Japanies companies require employees to use English in their workplace. I have two reasons to support this opinion. First, companies might be able to solve problem about labor shortage. In these days, there are some foreign people who want to work in Japan but some of them cannot speak Japanese, If employees use English, foreigners will think about working in Japan more than now and companies will haire. Second, companies might be able to expanis their markets to overseas. If they could do this, their products will be bought by many people around the world. As a result of their economic power will be more higher. For these reasons above, I that Japanese agree companies should require employees to use English in their workplace..
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