一つ目のマーカーのところの「to be」、これはSVOCを振るとすればO(目的語)でしょうか。


Type 8 意図問題 Exercise 19 The author mentions "a cellphone call" in order to ni ed nsp pniwaliofanit toallanitý A compare how different ways of receiving information affects memory emsp erit vert A ® emphasize the importance of repetition to absorb information on ob on ob veriT (8 O demonstrate ways to counteract retroactive inhibition work so ton ob O show how new information can hinder the retention of previously learned TO information € it vit vedT 0. vedtok れ れ to that can changed copia Tvo There are a number of events that can cause humans to forget information they have already learned and stored in their memory. One cause is believed to be a type of interference phenomenon known as retroactive inhibition, where a sudden influx of new information blocks the retention of older learned material. A driver might hear a phone number on the radio that he wants to call, so he repeats it out loud until he can recite it from memory. Then, the driver receives a cellphone call from his manager. In the time it takes the driver to absorb the information from his manager, he has forgotten the number he repeated just a few seconds before. Vildo L


✨ 最佳解答 ✨

to be は C です。

where 以下の動詞は blocks です。