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* Conditionals types 0, 1, 2) 5 Circle the correct item. * Grammar revision 7 Choose the correct iterm. * 1. If you don't sleep, you are / will be very tired. 2 If it will rain / rains, we won't go out. 1 * Pm thirsty." 1 . you a glass of water. " 3 We will miss the train if we won't Leave / A get B am getting C will get 2 แWill it snow today?7 4No, it . ." don't leave now. A doesnt B wont C isn't 4 When you mix white and black, you get / will get 3 Look! He . off his chair. grey. A is going to fall B will fall 5 Will you go if he asks / will ask you? C falls 6 If we go / went to Oxford Street, we'd stay with 4 What time . James tonight? Ann. A you meet B are you meeting 7 Wed buy a bigger house if I get / got a pay rise. C do you meet 8 If l am / were you, I'd ask for his help. 5 If you heat ice, it . 6 What would / will you do if he lied to you? A will met B is melting C melts 10 If he had enough money, he would buy / 6 ! think lan . the competition next week. bought sweets for his children. A is winning B wins C will win 6 Put the verbs in brackets into the correct *What are your plans for the weekend, Mark? 7 tense. ี *Didnt tell you? 1.to Lisbon.) A will go 1 If Nathan (move) B gง C m going to France, Emma will be sad. 8 When she's in London, Laura.Some museums. (have) a good A is going to visit C is visiting 2 If 1 B is going to Voice, ! would be a singer. If I don't study, ! If the weather is nice, we . to the beach. C will go 3 9 (get) bad marks. 4 1't buy this top if they A go B would go 10 *Look at those clouds!" *it . (have) it in green. A is going to rain B will rain 5 If we don't leave now, we C is raining ไnot/get) there on time. Do you think it . this week? 11 6 If you freeze water, it A will snow B snowS (become) ice. C is snowing 7 If Charlotte was here, I 12 What this Saturday? (ask) her to hetp me. A will you do B are you doing 8 if 1 (be) you, wouldn't C do you do eat 50 much junk food. 8 Write 3 things you think will/won't happen tomorrow, 2 things you are going to do this summer and 2 things you are doing this 9 Unless you (say) please, won't hetp you. (travel) 10 She weekend. ** by car if she had one.
Vocabulary Experiences ๆ Find seven verbs in the word search, Then use them to complete the gaps in the sentences. * 1 Would you tike to in a hot-air baloon? d f k g 5 9 h f e 2 Brave divers can the sharks at the aquarium. 5 X C 3 ! was too scared to d p t from the waterfal. a | g m d 4 The pilot allowed me to the helicopter. C V m p X y 5 Not many people Mount Everest. a k e 0 p e S d f b b b p h W f e C & 6 Are you going to Skydiving on holiday? m p y W 7 |'d love to a rainforest. t e X p 0 e p h น V y m 1 W 3 Fil in the gaps with colourful, traditional, mysterious, holiday, coral, ancient, rare, brilliant. * 2 Complete the crossword. * 2 3 HI Sam) ป็ 'm having a(n) 1) tไme here Iห Jordan. Yesterday, ! visited the 2) City of Petra. lt's In the middle of the desert and it's a realy 3) place becauรe we don't know a lot about the people who lived there, See you soon. Amy Dear Mum and Dad, Across This 4) resort is fartastic! | went 2 There are lots of young these days diving this morning near the 5) reef. There were 6) fish who like to go abroad and have amazing experiences. everywhere. Back home on Tนesday! Danny 5 They 1_ 0 _a rocket to start the race. Dowน Hi Robbie, Peru is an amazing place. The people are so friendly and dress in 7) Costumes. We went into the rainforest two 1 The j h through the rainforest was tiring. 3 Too many tourists d days ago and we saw Some 8) the natural beauty of an area. wildife. Wish you were here! 4 The Earth looks blue and green Rachel from s RKB0OK - ปี บ - - E 0