想請問是真的那些單字有一字多義的這些意思 還是這題出題有錯誤

in an ng S ge 1. er DAR 三、文意選填(占10分)(請忽略大小寫) 品牌 019W 第21 至 30 題為題組 The 29. doum Den (A turns out (B) come across (F) accomplishment (G) in addition elod Societies and cultures are continually adapting, and long-practiced customs are disappearing. One 21, that is slowly fading out of practice is the Swedish custom of Fika. 22. the habit of grabbing 年銷 a latte at Starbucks on the way to work, Fika is a true coffee break. On a Fika break, a person spends 1–2 hours forgetting about work and enjoying their companion, whether it be a friend or a novel. Unfortunately, this 23. custom is in danger, and not just in Sweden. The fast-paced, high (n)擁有物 財產 pressure world we live in today has made time a precious possession. Our ambition to be successful 無義急 often makes it seem like there are no worthwhile reasons to spend that time on anything as pointless as a survive ( their success at work 14 cup of coffee. We devote all our energy to our career, and many people 24. with success in life, We 25. spending more time with our clients than we do with our friends. We 26. have time for family. tovi Fika, on the other hand, is about separating our li so. And M what work, we are 21. 26. IC AH » on the other hand, is about separating our lives from our work, even if it's just for an hour or 22. 27. HB (C) that 27. Fika, there are no rules. It can be done at home, in a park, or on a train. It can be done 2900F HONE with coffee or tea, with or without a sweet dessert. Its only_28. is that one removes oneself from the HIBE daily grind for a brief escape below average (#4) piqor ST (C) disgusting A. (D) varied (H) amazing A (I) rewarded Hi boug ++# / 847) De moments. We can connect with people we care for and who care for us in return. And when we return to 30. be more productive and focused. Perhaps it's time for you to schedule a Fika break. CI BE 25. JA GE 23. R 30. E.G. into varied (47 (n) Huomib of a Fika break are numerous. We can step away from job pressure for a few brief con 28. brush to 73 mish gri (D) take part in (D) where V. (1) below average FJ T 78 A(E) survive 24. 29. SON itsn seitseng ait ol tosido vlamorta enorgiler
endure :忍耐;忍宝 三、文意選填 JEANNE ANNET BANKA 21~30題 社會和文化不斷在適應,而實行已久的習俗正在消 失。一種逐漸消失的傳統是瑞典的 Fika 習俗。與上班 途中在星巴克買杯拿鐵的習慣相反,Fika 是一次真正的 咖啡休息時間。在 Fika 休息時刻,一個人會花一到兩 個小時來忘卻工作,並享受他們的同伴,無論是位朋友 還是本小說。不幸的是,這種寶貴的習俗岌岌可危,且 不僅僅是在瑞典。 現今我們生活在快節奏、高壓的世界中,也讓時間 已成為寶貴的財富。我們渴望成功的雄心常常使我們似 乎沒有充分的理由把時間花在喝杯咖啡等毫無意義的事 情上。我們將全部精力投入到我們的職業生涯中,許多 人將工作中的成功與生活中的成功聯繫在一起。我們最 終花費在客戶的時間比在朋友身上還多。我們幾乎沒有 時間陪伴家人。 另一方面,Fika 就是要把我們的生活與工作分開 即便只是一個小時左右。當說到 Fika 時,沒有任何規 則。它可以在家中、公園或火車上完成。可以搭配咖啡 或茶,也可以搭配或不搭配甜點。它唯一的要求是讓自 337 點 實 达 E
己從日常工作中短暫脫身。是日美東。 Fika 的好處族繁不及備載。我們可以在短時間內擺 脫工作壓力。我們可以與我們關心的人和關心我們以作 為回報的人建立聯繫。當我們重返工作崗位時,我們可 能會變得更有效率和專注。也許該是您安排 Fika 的時 候了。 22. 空格後面為名詞,推測空格可以填及物動詞的現在 分詞(V-ing)或介系詞(片語),選項 (B) 與句意 不合,故選(F)的鐵路 -- == S1 e S


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