AD D B₁ co (B) angry D³ 3. Nancy started to work in a factory at (A) interest (B) reason (C) chart DA the waiter a (A) discount (B) couch 運動 ) 2. If you exercise every day, you won't get (A) tired BO 4. Jean always makes a (A) driver (B) list D 四、文法選擇:16分(每題2分) 1. I am p³. 2. Ted thinks (A) what 5. Miss Lin never tells jokes in class. She is really (A) national (B) several (C) boring (A) exciting to (C) boring to DEA PAT: IL for his good service. (C) news (D) tip (A) of (C) surprised (D) scared (B) how 6. Ken 3. All of the students are excited (A) about (B) that (C) in easily. before shopping. (C) uniform (D) chance sixteen. (D) age watching TV. Let's go shopping. (B) excited about (D) bored with (D) exciting the comic book is funny. (C) when 4. Frank likes insects. Insects are interesting (B) with (C) at (D) that the trip. (D) with him. (D) to ) 5. Leo said con Ann would fly to Japan this week. (A) where (B) what (C) thought (D) that 0.2601 in playing soccer. He plays it every day.
th B部分 閱讀素養題組 請依據選文或所附圖表資料,選出一個正確或最佳 的答案。22 分(每題2分) 14 (1-5) Leo: I am playing computer games. Why don't we go to the movies this afternoon? OK. What movie do you want to see? Train to Busan. My sister told me 2 was very exciting. Bill: It's 3 to know that your sister likes scary movies. Most girls are 4 ghosts and zombies. Leo Not only my sister but my mom 5 in watching scary movies. They are interesting to them. Bill : I see. Bill Leo B 1. (A) excited about exciting to 4. (A) tiring to (C) surprised at TOLET] K適康版A卷英語(五)2-2 ) 7 (A) 5. (A) is interested A's (C) is interesting (6~8) the movie (B) bored with (D) boring to 2. (A) that (B) if (C) because (D) what A3. (A) surprised (B) surprising (C) surprise (D) surprises (B) scared of BO (D) interesting to zombie 18 (B) are interested (D) are interesting Christmas is around the corner. Nancy would like for her family. She went to Jack's