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Temanmu baru saja terpilih menjadi ketua OSIS, buatlah kalimat selamat dalam bahasa Inggris (congratulations text) untuknya! Buatlah selengkap mungkin, dapat ditambahi wish/hope.

english congratulation


✨ Jawaban Terbaik ✨

Hi friend, congratulations on your new position, congratulations on opening a new chapter as student council president. Alhamdulillah, you can achieve your goals to become the student council president, I am glad to hear that, from the beginning of the selection to the student council election you can run it well, your struggle is not in vain, friend. I hope that you can become a great leader, who can set a good example, become a leader who is disciplined, wise, obedient to the rules, don't make wrong decisions, that's all I want to convey, essentially, wish you all the best and God always with you, I say congratulations again !!!

english congratulation
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For my friend,

Hi Fefia, how are you? I hope you always all right. Yesterday i heard you has just been elected chairman of the student council. Congratulations Fefia 🎉. I'm very proud of you and you deserve it Fefia. I know that you practiced very hard to get it. And now one of your dreams come true. I hope you become a student council that honest, responsible, independent, and democratic. And i hope you can also Build, develop nationalism and love for the country in the era of globalization. Don't be arrogant and stay the person I know Once again i say congratulation 🌠

From your friend,

congratulation hope
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for my friend

hi friend! how are you? i hope you are alright...
I heard you were chosen as the student council,
CONGRATULATION!!!!✨ i'm proud of you,i hope what you do is worth good in the ayes of God,Amiiin🤲....i hope many are happy with you after your election as student council,hopefully there are also many teacher who like you,hopefully there are no abstacles that you experience when you become student council,i hope you enjoy your life as student council,hopefully what you want is achieved soon,Amiiiiiiiiin🤲......
i dont now what else to say😅

from your friends Alni🙏

english congratulation
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