Bahasa Inggris

a.identify the expression that used in formal and informal situation
b.make the dialogue where you use the expression of asking and giving attention


a. 1. (formal) would you like something to drink?
 2. (informal) do you want something for drink?
  3.(formal) could you please explain the situation?            
  4. (informal) can you explain the situation?


b. Mrs. Nana: Don’t be noise please! Attention please!
Students : Yes, mam.
Mrs. Nana: Okay, next week we will do middle examination. Listen to me! The material that should be learned by you are begin from chapter 1 until chapter 4. Don’t forget to enrich your vocabularies with exercise!
Students : Yes, mam.
Mrs. Nana: Okay, that’s all for today. Good luck then!


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