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can you fill in or answer please?

09.14.38 A Z FF O M • A .l 94% O + MATERI + EXERCISE LE...0 EXERCISE TASK 1 Match coloumb A with the suitable leave taking in the coloumb B! (Jodohkan kolom A dengan ungkapan berpamitan pada kolom B) A B 1. You leave your friend at 10 p.m. a. See you tomorrow 2. A TV presenter closes her evening's b. Good night. Have a nice dream program. c. Good bye. See you tomorrow 3. You end a conversation with your friend. d. Thank you for joining us. Good 4. A mother takes her little daughter to bed. night 5. You part with a friend after school. e. Good night TASK 2 Choose the right answer! 1. Noval :I have to go now. Nice to meet you, Zahra. Zahra Noval C. Nice to meet you, too A. Bye B. You make me happy D. You are nice : Hello, Rina. Are you coming to the English Club this afternoon? : Yes, I'm coming to the Club this afternoon Laura : Ok, then. See you there. Bye 2. Laura Rina Rina :.... A. Ok B. Bye C. Hello D. Hi 3. Firda : I have to go home now. Brina Brina : Bye, Firda A. Hi B. Thanks C. Good bye D. Good night 4. Ganish : It is cloudy. I have to go home. See you later, Emily. Emily :......... A. Good night B. Hello C. I'm sorry D. See you : Sorry, I have to attend an English course now. : See you 5. Nisa . . Lusi. Lusi A. See you later B. I'm fine C. Good night D. Thanks 2/3 TASK 3 Melengkapi dialog dengan ungkapan yang benar. : Hello, Lucy. How are you? Lucy : I'm fine, thanks. How about you? 1. Bill Bill : I'm fine too. By the way, I need to go to the classroom now. Good bye. Lucy : 2. Clara : Good morning, Luna. Luna : Good morning, Clara, Clara. What's new? Clara : Nothing special. See you Luna : 3. Andy : What are you doing? Erik : I'm writing a short story. Andy : Great. Erik : I have to submit it now. Andy : Take care Erik : 4. Sandra : I'm tired, I have to go home now, bye bye Mei GOOD LUCK


Task 1

1. e
2. d
3. a
4. b
5. c

Task 2

1. c
2. b
3. c
4. d
5. a

Task 3

1. Bye, Bill.
2. See you, too.
3. Alright, Thanks. Bye
4. Bye, see you later.

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