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Change these sentence into passive voice. 1. Daniel asked a question to Mahendra

2. clean my bedroom every morning

3. My father collected those stamps.

4. They are climbing the mountain.

5 Arin uvas opening the door for me

6. My best friend has given me a useful advice,

7. They planted the comes in the rice field.

8. I feed my pets 3 times a day

9. We should buy this book.

10. Adinda will buy my phone

minta tolong kak pliss yg au ntu aya semoga rezeki nya lancar🤲


✨ Jawaban Terbaik ✨

1. Mahendra was asked a question by Daniel
2. Every morning the bedroom is cleaned
3. The stamps were collected by the father
4. They climbed the mountain
5. I was opened the door by Arin
6. I was given useful advice from my best friend
7. The rice fields are planted with rice by them
8. Feed my pets 3 times a day
9. We must buy this book
10. My cellphone was bought by Adinda

CMIIW (×﹏×)V


tahnk 😘

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