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How to use Clearnote

Find notes by subject or learning topic 🔎

You can find notes filtered through only learning topics you are interested in ✨ Also browse published notes categorized by their subjects!

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Let's find your eureka moment through everyone's notes! 🌟

Many students and tutoring school tutors sharing their notes 😉

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Clear your confusions 💡

Ask questions on Q&A to get help from other users 😆 Let's ask anything related to learning you're unsure about!

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Earn badges and status achievements ✨

Keep using Clearnote to earn badges and status achievements 🌸 Continue on your learning journey and level up along the way 🎉

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Let's Complete Your Profile!

Set your area and school of choice and find your learning mates! Don't worry you can always choose to keep your information private ✨

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What can I do on Clearnote?


Read others' notes
and revise your own studies

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Ask questions on parts
you don't understand

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Publish your own notes

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Exchange study tips
on "Study Talk"

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