現在過去未来の完了形 3 現在完了形 2過去完了形 3未来完了形 4 現在完了進行形 5 過去完了進行形 Reading [思・判 ・ 表 12-14 本文 米 / LQ:米 40 13 12 Read the passage and answer the questions. Mr. Kunihiko Murai is a farmer who ( 1 ) rich from hydroponic farming. When he was young, Mr. Murai thought that the traditional way of farming was not exciting at all and he was looking for a new kind of farming. He read many books, and 5 finally learned about hydroponic farming in 1966. At first, Mr. Murai made an area to put water. He didn't add any soil, because he knew that the minerals in the water could help his plants grow. So, he put one hundred tomato plants into it. They grew fast and covered a large area. They also tasted 10 delicious. From the next year, he made the area with water bigger because he wanted to try to find the best way to grow vegetables with hydroponic farming. He used a lot of water for his experiments, so some people near his farm thought he was a very bad farmer. Later, however, more and more farmers began to 15 ask him how to do hydroponic farming because they found that 2 it was a better way. Hydroponic farming is a clean way of farming. Moreover, vegetables grow faster than the 3 ones in the fields, so farmers can grow them more often and they can get more money. Now, a 20 lot of farmers are using this way of farming to grow their vegetables. Q Hints hydroponic farming [hàidrǝpánik] **** area [éǝriǝ] . taste [téist] 〜な味がする (222 words)