-1 1. ( 3. 選擇 blo zi ariz h A ) Sitting and working long hours in the office too... to... c 4B) 4. 11. 5. (₁ 6. exy 8.8 exty 10. my job. (A) is boring to (C) is interesting to The children are excited (A) with ens 2(B) on ) Jenny is (A) interests Ivy's (A) surprised at on (D) of (in writing songs. She wants to write some. XC) interest (B) interesting Weeping in sleeping in the dark (B) scared of ) My cousin from London showed up at my party, and that A one told me that she would come. (A) surprised (B) surprise Csurprising Zoe is (A) tired of (C) too tired to Tom is (A) so tall the trip to the zoo. (C) about ) A: What is wrong? You look B: My son is sick and has to stay in the hospital. Btouched (A) touching (C) worried is bored with Dis interested with Try it again! - BREA me. I might change He got bored of (A) done radic So, she always sleeps with her parents. (C) interested in (D) excited about (me. No reading news online (A) Is; interesting (B) Is; interested (D) interested (D) worrying cook dinner, so she is ordering food delivery (9). (B) tired enough to so tired that she can (B) does OTRON ON reach the kite in the tree. He called the teacher to help (B) too tall (C) tall enough (D) not tall enoug Dto surprise Is; interested A: Do you want to climb Elephant Mountain with me this Sunday? B: No, I am too lazy () (A) to go (B) going (D) that I go th (C) for going the same things every day. do you? (C) Does; interest (D) doing
n! mange 12 Q 13. 4 He was so (A) surprising to he forgot to close his mouth. B) surprised to (C) surprised that (D) surprising that the little girl to sit on. (C) to SHJ The chair is too high (A) for (B) from Unit 2 The Movie Looks Exciting 14) A: Do you want some bread? B: No. Lam too hungry to (C) I am so full that I can't (D) with eat anything. (B) I am full enough to U sn\D) I am so hungry that I can iq on I


✨ ベストアンサー ✨

A: for someone to do something.
(the girl ) (sit on)






9:如果選B的話,還原成直述句就變成Reading news online is interested you.