第 11 至 15 題為題組 The term special education is used to refer to a number of services designed to help students with disabilities learn. These services include an Individualized Education Program (IEP). An IEP _11___ their learning goals. Every provides a plan for how the school will help an individual student IEP is different because every student has different learning needs. 01 Students who receive special education may stay in the same classroom 12 other students disabilities taught in a who do not have special needs. But this is not always the case. Sometimes, students with learning a_13__ classroom. Pthey will spend most of their time in a regular classroom and meet with a special education teacher for two or three hours each day. nasob 1313 1 be Special education teachers receive training to help students with learning disabilities. They are 14 designing each student's IEP. They also meet wit with other teachers, school staff, and parents to ensure that the students' educational needs)_15_. These teachers must be patient and understanding to help students reach their full potential. They must also be dedicated because it can be a difficult and tiring job.oos of vlevounitnos lliw TAM od ova 2'189YwaM nO.E (B) achieve slqeib ax10(C) stretch logisT gaid (D) calculate sq (B) of 16x9 (O) 311. (A) observe A. (A) as usq (1) (C) that (8) (D) where (A) (B) realistic () m (D) moderate DIS 13. (A) domestic slqooq C) separate CD ( B 14. (A) on behalf of (B) in charge of 2 (C) b(A) be met nogged, (B) have met enon of of obosit. (C) are meeting Woonun adT A orties of gibi 與意見不合 vonebiel (A) (D) are being met
D 15. 說明 CUB 190010 alborbe rigir a. 空格位在 that 引導的名詞子句中, 空格前有名詞詞組 the students’ educational needs(學生的教育需 『知 (A on 求),而本句缺少動詞,可知 (A)be 12:21 a'an met 不可選。 重要字詞&片語 b. meet the need 滿足需要 7500 2017 ▶ We hope to meet the needs of all our customers. 更生我們希望能滿足所有客戶的需要。 c. 根據上述用法,可知答案應選 (D) are being met 被動語態,表學生的教育 *** 需求「被滿足」。


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are [being met] 是 [被動式be+p.p]
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