✔x√x ( ( ( ( ) 8. A: ( ( ) 9. A: (C) how many (B) how often ( ) 10. Jacky would like to bring that poor dog back home, but he isn't sure dogs. (A) how ( ) 11. Willy found (A) that ) 12. A-wei: This typhoon is so terrible! A-fen: Yes. I'm not sure (A) who 連綴動詞、感官動詞及使役動詞 配合課本 pp. 65-66 ( ) 1. The town looks (A) different ( ) 2. The weather is getting (A) coldly ( ) 3. I saw John (A) running () 4. I saw John and (A) walking ( ) 5. Your mother (-) 6. Julie > 8. It was an exciting moment for Mr. and Mrs. Wang to have a baby. (A) what ) 9. Susan: Do you know Walter: Oh, come on! I've only talked for thirty minutes! (A) how old (A) What (A) looks; look . vivo X80 2023/05/06 01:31 (B) when ZEISS (C) whether (D) why you have talked on the phone? Aren't you thirsty? (B) what (B) what (C) whether (D) which the novel (¹) he bought last week was under his bed (B) where (C) whether (D) which (B) cold (C) like cold after the school bus this morning. (B) to run (C) has run away immediately (). I didn't want to talk to him. (D) to running (C) walked (D) to walking a fifty-year-old woman. (B) walk young. She doesn't (B) looks like; look (C) looks; look like (D) looks like; look like hungry when she saw the delicious food on the table. (A) got (B) smelt (D) tasted ( ) 7. When did you come home? I didn't hear you (A) open (A) What ) 10. Tom felt shocked () when he heard me (A) shout (B) to shout [96-1-14) they learned that they were going we can still go fishing tomorrow. (C) which 80 (C) kept (D) how long now. It's modern and clean. (B) differently (C) more differently (D) the most different Put on your jacket before you go out. (D) snow (B) opened does the fruit look in this fruit stand? B: It looks fresh. (C) to open (3) Who (D) have opened does the little girl look like? B: Her mother, of course. (C) Where (B) Who (D) How (C) Where (D) How (C) shouted (D) whether the door. at the stranger. his mother likes 【95-1-15) (D) to shouting 【95-1-12】 [93-1-12] [92-2-18] ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 2 會考題 ( ( ) ) ) 23 ) 22 ) 23. ) 1. ) 2. ) 3. C ) 4. I (
( ( ) 11. Paula was (A) scary; touch ( ) 12. Did you hear Ivy (A) crying; sadly ( ) 13. Ann always feels (A) sadly (B) badly ) 14. What's that smell? It smells like ( She felt someone (B) scared; touch ) 16. To stay (A) bad ) 15. The weather usually becomes (A) snow (B) rain , Kelly exercises every day. in her room? (B) to cry; sadly (C) crying; sad when her husband isn't around. (C) lonely (B) bad eggs (A) wanted (A) healthy ) 17. I saw Jane (A) dating ) 18. I don't know what I did, but Tina looked at me (B) angrily (A) angry ) 19. My mom made my sister (A) practice (C) beautifully (B) health Benson and kiss him on the street: (B) date (C) to date (B) practiced ) 20. My mom asked my sister (A) sing ) 21. My mom (C) scary; touched She sounded her body in the dark. 4 (C) terrible in Taiwan in April. (C) warm ) 22. May sat on the sofa and watched her mom (A) cooked (B) to cook ) 23. May said nothing when she saw me (A) shouted (B) to shout vivo X80 ZEISS 2023/05/06 01:31 81 (C) cook (C) very angry (D) angrier the piano every day, though she didn't enjoy playing it at all. (C) practicing (D) to practice a song in front of the whole family. (B) sang (C) singing me play computer games after I did the dishes. (B) told (C) let at the salesman. (C) shout E 1. The little boy jumped up and down happily when he saw a bee (A) flown (D) scared; to touch (D) to cry; sad (D) coldly (D) terribly (D) typhoon (D) be beautiful (D) dated (D) needed and clean the house. (D) cooking 建議售價 120 元 | 702051937011 (D) to sing (D) have shouted (B) to fly (C) flying (D) has flown 2. Deborah put some sugar and cream in her coffee to make it better. (A) taste (B) tasted (C) tasting (D) to taste 3. When I was walking along the river, I saw some fish out of the water. (A) jumped . (B) to jump (C) jumping (D) are jumping when they saw their favorite movie star eating at the next table. 4. The students got (A) excited (B) excitedly (C) exciting (D) excitingly into the house. 【99-2-7】 【97-2-13] [96-2-14] 【94-2-10】 自學便利 影音解析真人 9析 題題詳解,分析、 ~111年共16回展房
REC ( ( ( ( ) 5. Cindy cried out when she saw a motorcycle (A) bump () (B) bumped ) 6. The old man is looking at his granddaughter (A) happy (B) happier ( Cost ( A ) 1. My mom (A) spent ( ) 2. My mom (A) spent ( ) 3. I Take Spend Pay ( ) 4. A: ) 10. ( ) 8. A: ) 5. It ( ) 6. It 4 (A) spent; for (A) How much (A) spent (A) spent ( ) 7. Cathy spent all morning (A) plant ) 9. A: What ( ) 3. Charles (A) cost (A) This (A) How long (B) paid five thousand dollars . (C) bought (D) cost (B) paid me the dress as my birthday gift. I like it very much. (C) bought (D) cost the computer games. (B) paid; for (C) paid; in did you spend on the bike? B: Ten thousand dollars. (C) What (B) How long (D) How Mr. Yang ten thousand dollars to have someone fix his car. (B) paid (C) cost (D) took Mr. Yang one hour to fix his car. (B) paid B: Sorry. I got up too late. (A) spent p. 67 five thousand dollars on the dress. (C) to bump (C) happily vivo X80 ZEISS 2023/05/06 01:31 into her cat. (C) cost the seeds in the yard. (B) paid (C) took didn't take us a long time to get the work done. (B) It (C) You (C) planting (B) planted will it take you to finish the work? B: About a week. (C) How old (B) How much you so long to get here? You are two hours late. 82 (D) has bumped . He has not seen her for a long time. (D) the happiest (D) spent; in (D) took 會考題 ( ) 1. It's great that we can buy train tickets over the phone without going out. It time. (A) lends () 2. It took the police lots of time (3) prepares (A) and found out (B) find out (D) to plant (D) How soon (D) cost (D) That [93-2-16) us a lot of 【109-8】 (C) saves who entered Liu's house and killed her one year ago. (D) takes (C) finding out 【107-10】 a day in the department store looking for a hat for his wife. (D) to find out 【104-5】 (B) spent (C) saw (D) made [92-1] ( ( () ( ) 6. .(. ( ) 7.0 1 (e 比較級與最高 ( ) 1. Ai (A () 2. Joa (A ( ) 3. The (A) ( ) 4. Fred (A) ( ) 5. Loo (A) L ( ) 6. I did (最 (A) le ( ) 7. Febru. (A) an ( ) 8. In my (A) oth ) 9. The we (A) so ) 10. New Yo (A) any ) 11. New Yor (A) any C
( ) 4. It's ( ( (A) paying ) 5. Studying in a foreign country apartment. (A) cost (B) lost ) 6. My dog hates to take a bath. It usually (A) needs (B) spends me a lot of time to find out what I really want to do in the future. (B) spending (C) taking (D) using me a lot of money. That's why I had to sell my 比較級與最高級 配合課本 p. 68 ( ( ) 7. Gary: When you go shopping, do you usually Tony: No, I don't have a credit card. (A) use (B) pay (A) strong () 2. Joan was (B) me ) 1. Although Jay is just fifteen, he looks than his father. (B) as strong (C) even stronger than everyone else when her son won the race. (B) fewer ) 7. February is shorter than (A) very happier (B) much happier (C) a lot happy ( ) 3. The pineapples in the bag are fresher than (B) one (A) it () 4. Fred's house is much bigger than as a small tiger. (A) any other month (B) any month 8. In my eyes, Amy is prettier than (A) other girls (B) all girls ) 9. The weather in Taipei is (A) so (B) very ) 10. New York City is bigger than (B) all the vivo X80 ZEISS 2023/05/06 01:31 (C) made (A) any other ) 11. New York City is bigger than (A) any other (B) all the (C) takes (D) spent me one hour to make him clean. (C) spend of the year. 83 (D) uses with your credit card () ? (D) waste (A) my ) 5. Look! The cat is (A) less big (B) as bigger (C) bigger (D) as big ) 6. I didn't have enough money for lunch, so I asked Al to lend me some money. But it turned out money than I did. (最終發現) that he had (A) less (C) more (C) them but it's much cheaper. (C) mine (C) all months in her class. in the basket. (D) much strong (C) all the other cities in the USA. (C) all the other (D) much more happy (D) those 建議售價 120 元 702051937011 (D) I am (D) even 【99-1-7】 [97-1-10] (D) the (D) any 【93-2】 (C) any other girls (D) all the other girls wetter than that in Tainan. (C) much cities in Taiwan. (D) any (D) all the other month 【91-2] 自學便利 影音解析 真人 題題詳解,分析” 11年共16回
player on the school basketball team. (C) a best (13) better ( ) 13. Although Ann isn't tall, she is of the three players. (C) the strongest (A) the stronger (B) strong ( ) 14. Although Ann isn't tall, she is (A) the stronger (B) strong ( ) 15. Dan is the eldest child in the family, but he is ( ( ) 12. Nancy is (A) good ( ( ( ( (A) tallest ( ) 18. Rita is taller than (A) shortest ) 16. Lucy is very (A) popular ) 17. Elsa is 會考題 ( (A) any other ) 19. Rita is taller than (A) any other ) 20. This hotel is SOCCER (B) the shortest in our school. Everyone likes her. (B) more popular (C) as popular in my class. No one else is taller than she is. (B) the tallest (C) much taller (A) the best; better (B) better; better ) 21. Helen's house is much bigger than (A) Sherry is (B) Sherry vivo X80 2023/05/06 01:31 (B) all the other TENIS BASEBALL PAPER CUTTING Clubs ZEISS boys in her class. of the two players. (C) the strongest Year 2009 Year 2010 (C) more shorter ACTING PAINTING (C) all the 84 (D) the best (D) much stronger than his brothers. (D) much stronger girl in her class. (D) any (C) all the (B) all the other place to see the beautiful beach. I can't think of a ) 1. For Mike, the price is important thing when he shops for jeans. He cares even more about the shape and the size of the pockets. 【109-15】 (A) the more (B) the most (C) the less (D) the least () 2. Below is what Stan drew for his report. It shows the number of students in each club at his school in 2009 and 2010. Which is NOT true? 【101-20】 120 (D) a lot shorter (D) the most popular (D) the taller (D) any view than this. (A) The art clubs have fewer students in 2010 than in 2009. (B) The sports clubs have more students in 2010 than in 2009. (C) The acting club is the most popular club both in 2009 and in 2010. (D) In 2009, the painting club has half the number of students of the paper-cutting club. (C) better; the best (D) the best; the best No wonder (¹) it's very expensive. (C) Sherry's (D) Sherry does ( () l 11 ( ) 5 ( .) 6. ( ) 7. ■ C ( ) 8. I (₂ (C ( ) 9. Si- (A ( ) 10. Th (A) 形容詞子句 配 ( ) 1. A: F (A) ( ) 2. Jenn (A) w ( ) 3. I will ) (A) w 4. I will (A) wh ) 5. On Ne buildin (A) whi