Certified Author Terms

The following Certified Author Terms (hereafter referred to as “Terms”) outline and regulate matters related to Certified Authors on the online study service “Clearnote” (hereafter referred to as “Service”) including the application (or “App”) as well as the website version (or “Website”) offered by CLEARNOTE Inc., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “CLEARNOTE”) in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Service (or “Service Terms”). Both the Service Terms and the Terms described below are applicable to Certified Authors.

Term 1 - Definitions
  • “Certified Author” is a user of the Service that has followed the application procedures defined in these Terms and granted by CLEARNOTE the required credentials to create, post and publish “Premium Notebooks” on the Service.
  • “Premium Notebooks” are notebooks ー created and posted by Certified Authors ー offered by CLEARNOTE on the Service exclusively to users who have purchased the paid service “Premium Features”.
  • “Premium Features” is a paid service offered by CLEARNOTE to users as part of the Service that includes “Premium Notebook Unlimited Plan”, etc.
Term 2 - Granting Certified Author Credentials
Users can be granted Certified Author qualifications (or “Certified Author Credentials”) if any of the following conditions is satisfied:
  • The management team of the Service recommended a specific user to become a Certified Author and the user agreed.
  • User applies to become a Certified Author following the determined application procedures, passes the review process and receives an approval by the management team of the Service.
Certified Author Compliances
  • Premium Notebooks created, planned to be submitted and/or submitted by Certified Authors must be of original content and authored by the Certified Authors themselves.
  • Certified Authors understand that Premium Notebooks are viewable only by users who have purchased the paid service Premium Features offered by CLEARNOTE to users and agree not to make the same contents available in any other media other than the Service (including any other apps and websites).
  • Certified Authors agree that once a Premium Notebook is published and made viewable by the public, the notebook can no longer be removed and the notebook’s country and grade settings cannot be changed.
  • Certified Authors agree to revise a Premium Notebook as soon as possible in case spelling mistakes, missing letters, and other mistakes in content were discovered.
  • Certified Authors that are minors are required to get agreement from a parent or legal guardian to create and post Premium Notebooks.
  • Other than the compliance items above, Certified Authors must also agree to the Service Terms.
Term 4 - Premium Notebook Contents
  • Academic subjects that can be submitted as Premium Notebooks are as follows: *Subject list may change or new subjects may be added later.
    • Japan
      • Junior High: Mathematics, English, Japanese (Mother Tongue), Science, Geography, Civics, History, Study Methods
      • Senior High: Mathematics, English, Modern Literature, Classic Literature, Chinese Literature, World History, Japanese History, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geology, Social Studies, Ethics, Politics & Economy, Study Methods
      • Undergraduate: Applicable subjects at undergraduate level, TOEIC (English)
    • Indonesia
      • Junior High: Mathematics, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Natural Sciences, Social Science, Civics, Religion
      • Senior High: Mathematics, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Sociology, Geography, Economics, History, Civics, Religion
      • Undergraduate: English, Physical Science, Life Science & Medicine, Engineering & Technology, Business & Management, Social Science & Law, Arts & Humanities, Other Languages, Religion
  • The number of pages required for Premium Notebooks is not strictly regulated, however, a range between 5 to 20 pages is recommended. For notebooks with less than 5 pages, it is recommended that the notebooks include purpose and intention of deciding on such content structure in the description. The 1st page of any notebooks will be used and considered as the notebook cover.
Term 5 - Certified Author and CLEARNOTE Legal Relationships
  • The Premium Notebook Unlimited Plan (as part of the Premium Features) is a paid service offered at a charge by CLEARNOTE (as service provider) ー granted the rights to use Premium Notebooks as well as Public User Contents by the users in accordance to the Service Terms ー to grant users the rights to use, view, etc. Premium Notebooks.
  • Prices for “Premium Features” are regulated in a separate document by CLEARNOTE. “Premium Features” are offered to users by CLEARNOTE as part of the Service, as such any changes to prices will be made at CLEARNOTE's discretion.
Term 6 - Premium Notebook Prohibited Contents
Certified Authors must agree not to include the following content into Premium Notebooks:
  • Intentional misinformation
  • Copyright, trademark right, design right or any other right infringements that may be related to one’s intellectual property ー on another Certified Author, user or a third party
  • Infringement on privacy or damages to property on another Certified Author, user or a third party
  • Defamation or damages to reputation on another Certified Author, user or a third party
  • Content that is against public morals and deemed inappropriate to be viewed by users
Term 7 - Consultations
  • Certified Authors may consult with CLEARNOTE in advance concerning notebook authoring which content is to be submitted as Premium Notebook. Consultations can be done through enquiries available on the Service, or through electronic mails sent from address notified to CLEARNOTE in advance. However, in case of network failures or other problems that may cause communication hindrances, consultations will take on other methods as appropriate.
  • Certified authors agree to revise or withdraw Premium Notebooks deemed inappropriate by CLEARNOTE, due to any unintentional copyright infringements, etc. that arises as a result of consultation.
  • Certified Authors agree to report to CLEARNOTE as soon as possible in case of any claims from a user (that has purchased a Premium Notebook) to the Certified Author, or any disputes, troubles, etc. that might arise between a user and the Certified Author.
Term 8 - CLEARNOTE Responsibility
  • CLEARNOTE reserves the right to suspend (for a temporary period) partially or completely public distribution of, or change procedures and methods of distribution of Premium Notebooks, without prior notice to Certified Authors, if any of the following is applicable:
    • In case of urgent maintenance
    • In case of fire or power outages that may cause operations of the Service not possible
    • Natural disasters, etc. that may cause operations of the Service not possible
    • Any other cases CLEARNOTE had to temporarily suspend operations of the Service
  • CLEARNOTE is not responsible for any poor network or impairments caused by network connections or Certified Author’s devices, etc.
  • In case possible violations or violations to these Terms were found, CLEARNOTE reserves the rights to, without prior notice, terminate Certified Author’s credentials, remove partially or completely Premium Notebooks submitted by the Certified Author, partially or completely suspend the distribution of Premium Notebooks submitted by the Certified Author.
Term 9 - Point Rewards, Exchange into Amazon Gift Cards
  • As compensation for the rights ー granted to CLEARNOTE to use Premium Notebooks as per the Service Terms and these Terms ー and for all matters related, regardless of the rights to use Public User Contents without cost as per the Service Terms, CLEARNOTE rewards Certified Authors points determined using the calculations below (hereafter referred to as “Points'') for every month. If any changes to calculations occur, prior notice and a definite notice period will be given before any changes take place.

  • (Point Reward Calculations)
    Premium Features monthly total sales x 1 / The number of services included in Premium Features
    The above, multiplied by the following fraction:
    Total number of users who viewed the Certified Author’s Premium Notebooks at least once in the month
    Total number of users who viewed at least one of any Certified Authors’ Premium Notebooks in the month
    • “Premium Features monthly total sales” is defined as CLEARNOTE’s Premium Features services total sales in the respective month, subtracted by the fees (tax included) collected by App Store/Google Play
    • CLEARNOTE will give prior notice if there are any changes in “the number of services included in Premium Features”
    • “Total number of users” above does not include the Certified Author to be rewarded the calculated points

  • Certified Authors can request for point rewards and CLEARNOTE will issue the total number of points accumulated up until the time of request. Point reward requests can only be made with month(s) as the minimum unit of time period.
  • Certified Authors can request CLEARNOTE to exchange points in possession into digital Amazon Gift Cards at 1 yen per 1 point (Thailand: 1point = 0.25THB, Taiwan: 1point = 0.25TWD, Indonesia: 1point = 100IDR). Upon request from Certified Author, CLEARNOTE will exchange the points into an Amazon Gift Card following the determined procedures and issue the gift card to the Certified Author. Requests can only be made if there are at least 15 points in possession.
  • Points cannot be earned using methods other than determined by CLEARNOTE (points cannot be received from nor given to a third party). CLEARNOTE may nullify points received through any unapproved means. Any suspicious activities related to point earnings, point exchanges and point spending found may result in the Certified Author to have Certified Author qualifications suspended, user credentials suspended, point exchanges restricted, etc. Certified Authors agree that there will be no room for objections for all actions taken by CLEARNOTE to deal with such activities.
  • Points cannot be re-issued for any kind of reason. This includes unauthorized exchanges and unauthorized spending of points by a third party.
Term 10 - Infringement Preventions
In the case that copyrights or any other rights related to Premium Notebooks authored and posted by a Certified Author were infringed by a third party, CLEARNOTE may ask the Certified Author’s cooperation in taking lawful measures (such as demanding restitution) against the infringing third party, or in taking other measures requested by CLEARNOTE to right and prevent any further infringements.

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